Gifts for Long-Distance Lovers That’ll Make the Miles Between You Disappear

No matter how far apart you are, being in a long distance relationship comes with a perpetual bittersweet cycle of surging highs and harrowing lows. From counting down the days until you can see your partner, to the joyful long-awaited reunion, to the inevitable goodbye, committing to an LDR may not be easy, but it’s all worth it for the right person. Whether you’ve already locked down some creative communication strategies like Netflix parties , virtual dinner dates, and FaceTime cooking competitions , or you’re still trying to figure out how to date from a distance, sending your significant other a gift can be a great way to help bridge the gap and brighten their day. This list features plenty of practical and personalized options that’ll make for a thoughtful surprise, so they have something to hold onto until they can hold you. When you’re really longing for your S. When you touch one lamp, the other lights up, cycling through a rainbow of colors with each tap. You can illuminate their life from any distance! Treating her to a blossoming bouquet every week or month will help bridge the distance between you two. The Bouqs Co. Featuring more than easy fill-in-the-blank entries, sending them this thoughtful keepsake book is a quick and clever way to show that you care.

43 Long-distance Relationship Gifts For Guys To Spoil Them From Afar

A list of long-distance relationship gifts that are either sentimental or practical. When the person you love is beyond your reach, we will try everything to keep our hearts close to each other. Having someone to miss is bittersweet. When the loneliness attacks, these sentimental and romantic long-distance relationship gifts will keep him company just like you used to.

Use the date of the first day you met, your first kiss, the first day you both said “I love you,” the date your relationship began, the day you closed the distance.

Below find the 50 romantic long-distance relationship ideas that will keep you close to your S. Pick a TV show to binge-watch at the same time or catch one when it premieres every week. Talk on the phone or FaceTime while you watch we all know the couple who Netflixes together stays together. You can pick up funny greeting cards or even sketch cute doodles.

Or, keep it G-rated by just sending your S. It makes it feel so much more special if your partner is getting a photo straight from the source than just from your Insta feed. Download a countdown app for free, and you can customize everything about it, including having the countdown on your home screen. Websites like Pogo and Yahoo offer multiplayer options for free so you can connect through a little competition.

You may not have the money to book an in-person vacation, so pick a fun destination on your bucket list to explore virtually as a pair. Know where your partner is meeting their friends for drinks tonight? The fewer people you tell in advance, the less of a chance the secret will get leaked. Of course, planned trips are amazing, but a surprise is even better especially when your partner is having a rough week or has something big to celebrate. It can be hard for your partner to imagine the dish you whipped up without tasting it.

24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts Your Partner Will Love

And while phone calls and video chats are important, simply recanting your day to your partner can’t replace valuable facetime. To help you get as close to that in-person experience as possible, we asked relationship experts for the best long-distance date ideas couples can use to keep their bond healthy and strong. From which phone games to play to how to plan an unboxing date, these are the long-distance date ideas you’ll love and use.

Snail mail isn’t dead!

Scroll down to see our picks for the best gifts to bring you and your long distance loved ones together — if not in person, at least in spirit. Start.

Join Our Newsletter. Our long distance relationship gifts are a great way to bring you both a little bit closer. Most of the time relationships need some extra nurturing when distance is involved,. Using Cute I miss you texts , Facetime calls and gifts let them know that you miss them and that they are in your heart. It only takes a little extra effort and thought to keep the relationship strong when you are apart.

We curate the best gifts that we can find with some great DIY long distance relationship gift ideas. This stunning piece is a unique take on our large disc necklace. You can now personalize it with an inscription that wraps around the outside border of the coin. Customize it with coordinates, names, inspirational messages and phrases to make it a truly unique gift anyone would adore. This pillow case can help to keep you connected with a sweet message.

Connect with those you love, no matter where they live in the world. Touch your friendship lamp and their lamp lights, the same color as yours! Connect as many lamps together as you wish.

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

The tests of true love, there are three main components to a relationship. Read through the infographic to find out the tests of true love. Click on the Image For Full View. If you are currently in a long distance relationship, then this might be the most important information you need to read right now to make your long distance relationship work! The 6 MOST important long distance relationships tips we’ve gathered from other couples who rocked it! Thank you.

Are you or your friend in a long distance relationship and getting married? If you are confused on what to get them for wedding gifts then check out my in a LDR for 3 years, here are some of our favorite date night ideas and.

There are about a million songs on this topic, no? Hat tip: Elvis, Dianne Love, and more. When buying a gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend who lives far away, you can go with something obvious like a new sweater that brings out their eyes, a present that plays to their hobbies and passions, or a gift that references a common interest, like travel or craft beers. Others pack just the right amount of mushiness by offering a tangible reminder of what makes the challenging aspects of your relationship worth it.

This clever keepsake invites you to share your deepest, silliest, or steamiest thoughts with a partner in absentia via more than quick, fun, fill-in-the-blank entries. Provide your own handwritten letters to make this deeply meaningful gift complete. He can leave one at your place when he goes back home, and take the other for you to use the next time you visit him. When you live apart, your phone is your lifeline. But this sweet stocking stuffer is a great way to keep warm between visits.

The next best thing to waking up together every morning? Sipping coffee from this mug, which visually connects your two locations, each marked with a heart.

What are the Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Stay Connected?

To buy: uncommongoods. To buy: barnesandnoble. Receive letters in envelopes that are just as personal as the letters themselves.

Are you ready to take your romance to the next level? Peruse 20 perfect gifts for anyone who finds themselves in a long-distance relationship and.

Although absence does make the heart grow fonder, having a long distance relationship can be very hard, especially around the holidays or birthdays. Here are our favorite long distance relationship gift ideas to send to your honey. A pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and for your dearest. When you touch it, they feel it. No matter where they are on the planet.

This can also make a great anniversary gift for a long-distance relationship. Make it as longing, lovey-dovey, or lol-y as you please! Need long-distance relationship gifts for far-flung friends, international lovers, or faraway fam? Make it extra special by personalizing the back with your own personal message.

Celebrate being a part of a pair with these porcelain mugs that fit together like you fit with your favorite person. Each mug in the set of two looks like a friendly face. When the mugs touch, their lips kiss and the handles form a heart shape.

Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Long Distance Couples

Are you looking for the best flirty questions to ask a guy? These flirty questions will give you hours of great conversations. Stuck at home? Here’s the ultimate list of things to do when bored at home. From feel good movies, to at-home workouts, to baking ideas, we’ve got you covered.

That’s why we’ve created a list of cute and creative presents anyone would love to find in their mail. Check out our favorite long-distance.

Whether you met someone while you were on vacation or either you or your partner had to move due to their job, sometimes you find yourself in a long-distance relationship. And, honestly, they’re not always ideal — or easy. That being said, sending thoughtful gifts to your long-distance partner lets them know they’re on your mind, and can even make it feel like you’re not so far apart.

Try adding creative elements to what you already do. But while long-distance relationships may require more effort and communication than other relationships, the good thing is that with all the communicating that comes with being apart , long-distance relationships are sometimes stronger than relationships between two people who see each other all the time. One of the ways to stay and feel connected when you’re apart is to be cognizant about the gifts you give each other. While everyone can use a cashmere sweater this time of year, giving your partner a gift that will bring you closer is far better in the long run.

Here are 11 gifts that you will do just that. These lamps are in-sync, so if you come home and want to say hi to your partner and feel connected, you just touch the lamp with your hand and your partner’s lamp will emit the same glow no matter how faraway they are. It’s just a simple way to let them know you’re thinking about them without having to say or text a word. Whether it’s the coordinates of where you first met or the coordinates of where you each are, this bracelet will always make you feel like you’re not that far apart.

Ultimately, we’re always just a plane ride away from the people we love.


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